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How to Ease Overwhelm About your Business Finances

Updated: Mar 1, 2023

As Accountants, we know more than anyone just how overwhelming business finances can be for small and medium enterprises. We're here to help ease that feeling and get you back on track. In today's blog, we're sharing 4 ways to reduce stress when it comes to your business finances.

Understand the Lingo

There are so many technical terms and phrases that can leave business owners feeling flummoxed. Here at BCT Accountants, we are proud of our no-jargon approach to accounting. We firmly believe accounting should be accessible to all and our projects are designed to be easy to understand. That’s also why we created this jargon-busting blog all about the key terms and phrases you might be scratching your head about when it comes to your business finances.

Invest in Bookkeeping Tools

We're big fans of using bookkeeping tools like Xero to achieve straightforward financial tracking without breaking a sweat. Xero is online accounting software that helps you to save time on your paperwork and get paid faster. What's more, the Xero mobile app works with iPhone and iPad & Android phones and tablets so you can easily keep a handle of your finances on the go. Having all this in your back pocket on the go means accounting becomes something you think about little and often rather than in a messy catch up session every few months. It’s a game-changer!

Get Some Help

If you think hiring an accountant for your new business could be the best option for you, we’re here to help! We can take the stress out of your finances but helping with everything from registering with HMRC to employing your first members of staff. As your accountant, we’re here to help you save money and time, allowing you to focus on what you love doing in your business.

Work With a Budget

Budgets are the bread and butter of good accounting and something we’d really recommend easing financial overwhelm. When driven by data and information, a budget will help drive your business forward with realistic financial goals meaning you feel in full control of your business and trajectory. Without it, a business cannot get an accurate representation of how well it is meeting its objectives.


If you would like a helping hand with your business finances, get in touch today to book your FREE initial consultation. Give Catherine a call on 01423 431889 or email

Please note: all stats are accurate for the 2022/23 tax year.

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