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Catherine's Story: Why I started BCT Accountants

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

This month’s blog post is taking more of a personal direction. We want to take you on the journey of our business, specifically Catherine's decision to go solo and establish BCT Accountants, the reasons that continue to drive our business forward to this day.

Prior to setting up BCT, Catherine worked at another accountancy firm where she was eventually offered partnership. This didn’t sit right with Catherine as the company was not operating in the way she ideally wanted to run her own firm. Instead, she sought to create an accountancy firm which offered a closer relationship with its clients to enable the best results for themselves and their businesses. This fuelled Catherine's decision to go it alone and establish BCT Accountants.

Since its launch, the business has gradually grown both in the number of clients and in a way that allows Catherine and her team to implement modern accounting methods.

At the beginning, this meant working with clients to start cloud accounting early, automating as much as possible. This unlocked stagnant time and enabled ourselves and our clients to have discussions to move, develop and grow the business moving forwards.

At BCT today we pride ourselves in offering a fresh, forward thinking approach to accountancy.

We continue to offer our own unique take on accounting; a modern approach that is not only designed to crunch numbers but to discover your best business steps forward through investigation, planning and performance reviews. After all, to us accountancy is so much more than form filling and hitting deadlines.

We are passionate about your business! We understand that in order to grow a business, you need to know the business. The service we provide for clients is therefore a personal one, designed to establish strong customer relations in order to provide a tailored service to a high quality.

At the end of the day, our mission is to save you time and money, getting your business to exactly where you want it to be.

Long gone are the days of monitoring every 6 minutes of the day. Instead BCT Accountants offers clear pricing to each of our customers, depending on their requirements. This means we can spend our time developing our client relationships to ensure we are providing the best possible service.

In fact, several recent clients have all commented on the same issue with older, more traditional firms. They complained of these accountants failing to take their calls or respond to them. We strive to be strong accountants and business advisors at the end of the phone when needed.

Dedicating key time throughout the year to development and learning has also helped further the experience Catherine and her team can provide to clients. Never satisfied, we routinely attend events and courses across the country. Our most recent trip was the annual trip to Accountex in London where we were joined by 8000 others in the accountancy and finance sectors. We had a interesting time hearing from industry leaders and discovering new products and services on the market. The team was just itching to get back to our desk to put everything into practice.

Running your own business and designing it in a way that suits both your clients and yourself can have incredible benefits for your work-life balance. For Catherine, this means she can drop the kids off at school yet can still be available during client hours to offer that elevated service. Doing something you love whilst making more quality time to spend with the family is an absolute winner on a personal level!

Similarly, we spend time getting to know what makes our clients and their business tick in order to help influence their financial decisions. What is important to that client in their professional and personal life? Whether it's lots of holidays or a private school, we will work with you to ensure your goals are met.

We offer a whole different ethos as a modern accountancy firm. The fundamental reason BCT Accountants was established was to provide a better service for clients and to be there for them in a way that is unique to their needs and goals in business and in life. From day one, we have got to know our clients in a way that allows us to understand your needs and the best way to help you and your business.

If you feel your business would benefit from bespoke financial guidance and advice, please do get in touch with Catherine on 01423 431889 or email her at for your FREE initial one-hour consultation.

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