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A Guide to Transitioning Your Business Online

The world of business is trending away from physical shopfronts and going digital. Whether your business is reluctantly looking to transition itself online, or you're a new business eyeing up the benefits of taking your business online, going digital has never been so important for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Both physical shops and service-based businesses alike find strength in taking the online world seriously.

In this blog, we're guiding you through the top steps you need to take when taking your business online. If you're ready to commit fully to making the switch online, read on:

Set Up Your Socials

Think about where your perfect customers will be hanging out and 'set up shop' in their world. Perhaps they're professionals or businesses? Then a LinkedIn profile could be the perfect place to start. Or if they're a younger demographic with a flair for creativity, Instagram could be a brilliant fit. Potential customers now expect a business to be showing up consistently on social media but it's also going to be a place where you can build and nurture relationships with them.

Join Google My Business

If you have any physical presence, setting up a Google My Business profile is an absolute must. This allows you to appear prominently in search results in your local area. If you don't have a physical location it's still a good idea to get a profile set up. It's a perfect hub for sharing images of your product or service, offering details of your opening times and reinforce the social proof that you are amazing by showcasing reviews. What's more, when it comes to SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) for your website, this is going to be a big green tick next to your domain.

Get Yourself a Website

Cement your credibility and showcase your worth by setting up a website for your business. Not only is this site going to work for you 24/7 in attracting and converting customers or clients, it's also going to save you time as a hub for customer service queries.

Make the Most of Email Marketing

Building and nurturing an email list of interested parties is an incredibly valuable use of your time as a business going digital. Email marketing has a higher return than other forms of marketing when done correctly. Try offering a lead magnet (something valuable like a PDF, Video Training or Discount) in return for an email address on your website.

Optimise Your Tech Tools

It's no secret that here at BCT Accountants, we love a good tech tool to help streamline your business. If you're making the move online, take a look at this post to discover our favourite tech tools for working remotely and running an online business.

Cloud Accounting

Whilst Cloud Accounting software like Xero is technically a tech tool, we thought it deserved its own section in this blog. Cloud Accounting is a must-have tool for effortlessly managing your business finances online and in physical stores. Xero syncs with many other online tools and commerce platforms making it the perfect sidekick to your new online presence.

There are no books to drop off at your accountant's as they can access everything they need with the click of a button. For us, this means we're able to see where we can best support our clients at the click of a button.


For more information and advice on the financial side of transitioning your business online, get in touch with Catherine today. Give her a call on 01423 431889 or email

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