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A Case Study: Robert Foster - A Sole Trader

How BCT Accountants Consolidated My Tax Affairs into One Seamless Process

Robert Foster started in business back in 1996 working in the farming industry. His main business objective was to source baby calves for farmers and other organisations that require them for their supply chain.

It goes without saying that as a sole trader whose predominant function is sourcing, cost management is key to profitability, meaning keeping a close eye on his finances was paramount.

The decision to hire an accountant

As with many small businesses, Robert was tied up with the day-to-day running of his own business and felt his lack of expertise in tax meant the job of managing his finances would be better dealt with by a professional.

He hired a bookkeeper to ensure his records were accurately kept, and an accountant to file his tax returns to ensure nothing was missed and every penny was accounted for.

However, Robert was left disappointed and dissatisfied with their services on one occasion too many, with them often being responsible for too many simple, but costly mistakes.

Swapping to BCT Accountants

Deciding to take action, Robert started the search for a new accountant. Coming highly recommended, BCT Accountants sat down with Robert to really understand how his business works, what his needs were and to identify any other opportunities for improvement and synergies with his finances.

Robert wanted someone who could take everything off his hands and who he could rely on to get the job done correctly, meaning it was one less thing for him to think about.

Consolidating bookkeeping and tax affairs

BCT Accountants consolidated all of Robert’s financial affairs into one seamless process. Both Robert and BCT have full knowledge and transparency of his finances at any given time, ensuring cash flow remains healthy, any potential problems are spotted before they occur, and forward-thinking tax planning and strategies for growth can be analysed and executed as and when needed.

After more than 20 years in business, Robert can finally relax knowing his finances and tax affairs are taken care of.

“Since being with BCT Accountants, I have no worries where my tax affairs are concerned which means I can focus on doing my job. I would highly recommend BCT Accountants; the professional approach is brilliant.”

Are you a sole trader?

If you’re spending too much time and worry on your financial and tax affairs, get in touch with Catherine on 01423 431889 or email her at

We offer a FREE initial one-hour consultation to listen to your needs and walk you through our services to determine which would best suit you. We pride ourselves on transparency and provide you with a price breakdown of each element of service we recommend, allowing you to pick and choose the solution that’s right for you.

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